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Premier will hold true to the professionalism they deliver on a day-to-day basis, with your guests.You can book one or multiple cars to be present on-site, or have a voucher system in place that you may distribute to your guests. Don’t hesitate to contact us to explore your options!

Have Premier Designated Drivers take some of the load off on one of the most important days of your life. By booking Premier ahead of time for your wedding, you can ensure all your guests make it home safely, so you can have one less thing to worry about.


Business group celebrating

Corporate Events

Are you having any sort of staff event? Perhaps a Christmas Party, BBQ, Staff Appreciation Night? Whatever it is, know that your staff makes it home safely by putting Premier Designated Drivers behind the wheel of their vehicles. One less liability for your company…Show your staff how much your care, by offering them a safe ride home from Premier Designated Drivers.


Day Surgery / Laser Eye Surgery

If you’re going in for day surgery, and can get yourself there, but are unsure of how to get home; we have your solution! Pre-book a time with Premier and we’ll send two of our drivers to come pick you up. One will drive you, in your vehicle, home, while their partner follows. The last thing you want to be worrying about on the day of your surgery, is how the heck you’re getting home!

Golf Tournaments

Sometimes, nothing hits the spots like a few brews while you’re out on the golf course, but you know what can really ruin one of the best rounds of golf of your life? A DUI. Police are starting to make their presence more and more known in the golf course areas. Please be responsible and make the right choice; don’t drive if you’ve been drinking.Think of your blood alcohol level like a golf handicap… Think of the ball as you (behind the wheel of your car), and the hole as your home…

It is much more likely for a golfer with a lower handicap, to get the ball in the hole in one shot. The same goes for your blood alcohol level; the higher it is, the less likely you’re going to make it home in one shot. And much like your ball, the last place you want to end up is in some trees…

Hindustan Times-PACE organised a Magic Show for the students of Vidya BalBhawan Public School, Vasundhara by magician Krishan Gopal, with a huge bag of tricks that also conveyed the message that the safety of the environment and our well-being go hand in hand.