Cost of Designated Driving Service


The overall cost of using our service is nothing in comparison to the costs of not using it, and driving.

Our pricing system, itself, is pretty simple. Everything is priced on a flat-rate, based off of distance traveled. The first 3 kilometers cost $20, and every 0.5 kilometer above and beyond that is a dollar.

The best way to work out a quote, is to go to Google Maps, and go to the directions area. Find out the distance between where you need to be picked up and where you need to be taken.

Subtract 3 from the total distance, multiple that by 2, then add 20. (Sounds like a skill testing question on a scratch-n-win, we know.)

* Prices are subject to change.  Some special days and all Stat Holidays carry an additional $10 Premium charge.   These days are:

New Years Eve, New Years Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day.  The list of Stat Holidays can be found at:

There are 2 situations in which there will be additional charges.

i. If a call is pre-booked, the customer is expected to be ready for pick up at the time the pre-book is schedule for.  If you require additional time, there is a $1/minute charge for the wait.  If the call was not a pre-book, we allow up to 10 minutes for you to come out.  After the 10 minutes there will be an additional $1/minute charge.

ii. If you require the driver to stop (ie pick up food, get gas) there will be a $1/minute additional charge.